You need to buy a finger pulse Oximeter

26/05/2010 15:42

A pulse rate is commonly known as the arterial palpation of a heartbeat. Typically, a pulse can be felt in any place that allows for an artery to be compressed against a bone. In addition to the heart rate as measured by BPM (beats per minute), the rhythm and strength of the heartbeat is an important indicator of heart and overall health. Changes in your heart rate or rhythm, a weak pulse, or a hard blood vessel may be caused by heart disease or another problem.

Although many factors play into determining a normal heart rate, for an adult a heart beat in the range of 60 to 100 BPM is considered being healthy. However, there are athletes who have a healthy pulse rate below 60 BPM. Measuring the pulse is a key factor in maintaining a healthy body and conveys important information regarding the body's state of health.


A useful tool to measure pulse rate is a portable pulse oximeter. A Pulse Ox is a small, hand-held medical device that measures the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood as well a patient's heart rate. As opposed to measuring oxygen saturation through an invasive procedure such as a blood sample, a pulse oximeter is used as a painless and non-invasive medical instrument. Because of their ease of use, speed, and cost effectiveness, oximeters are the preferred medical device in all healthcare settings as well as for home diagnostics for accurately measuring pulse rate. Individuals can carry their oximeter where ever they go and accurately measure their pulse rate. If pulse rate is abnormal the pulse ox will signal and alarm.


The saying goes, health is wealth. Healthy living is not a difficult step; it is merely about making small changes in lifestyle, like adding fruits to your diet or having an extra glass of water each day. Disease or illness can really mean a downturn in our lives, so regular Check-ups of yourself can easily prevent serious medical problems and help you live a healthy life. And finger pulse oximeter is a great tool for you to check your health status.


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