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About Permanent Makeup Lips

Lips are a focal point when speaking, adding expressive impact to the words being spoken. A person's age, health, emotional status, and general attitude is judged by the appearance of the lips. Permanent makeup lip coloring tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips toward a more pleasant, youthful, even pouty or sensual look.

The shape and the color are the two most important elements for beautiful lips. A natural appearing permanent makeup lip liner can be applied to give more definition, correct uneven lips, which will result in a fuller appearance. The lip’s cupid bow is the defining feature of the lips and sets the mood for the overall look, and the depth and width of the “v” between the peaks decides the lip shapes. They may be too close together, too far apart, or one column stretched out to the side father. If the cupids bow peaks are too close or too far apart, the lips can look awkward.

The "V" dip in the cupid bow may have a downward point or roundness. It should be centered with an imaginary straight vertical line up the pilgrim to the nasal septum. When the cupids bow peaks are rounded, the V dip is usually a point. If the peaks are pointed, the V dip is not made too deep and is usually softened with roundness. The combination strategy is to avoid making the lips look like a roller coaster or a mountain 'M'. When the V is too deep, the lips look separated while smiling.

   Full lip color can be applied in either a natural hue or a more vivid one. Wear your permanent lip color alone in a natural tone or apply different shades of lipstick over your permanent makeup lip color for dramatic look---you will find that the color lasts much longer when applied over permanent makeup lip than it did to a bare lip.

A rising number of people choose permanent makeup lip, but not all the people are satisfied with the result, that’s because there are many points you need to notice before and after the process except the lip shape and color. You can check on, which provides all the information you need for permanent makeup.



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Making Sure Your Tattoo Needles in a Good Condition

Making tattoo is more and more popular. Most people like tattoo and want tattoo, but they are worrying about a question that is risk of tattoo.

During the tattooing, whether you ignore the tattoo needles? No matter what level tattoo artist you are, you all should pay attention to tattoo needles. As the needles are directly contract with our human skin, we must consider the hygiene conditions of them.

As a tattoo artist who has a strong responsibility, you should make sure your customers will have lowest risk of infection. So when you choosing tattoo needles should notice several tips.

First, we should choose the needles which have well-package. Some tattoo needles are pre- sterilized before in the package. These needles are directly used after opening the package. Some tattoo needles are needed to sterilize after opening the package.

Second, real professional tattoo needles always explain which purpose they used for. RS and RL are used for round shader and round liner, while, FS and FL are used for flat shader and flat liner.

And they have their own size, you can depend what size you often used, and make a note when you buy tattoo needles about the size.

Third, buy professional tattoo needles from professional tattoo supplier is a good choice. You can take easy with the quality.

Above these are personal advices. Certainly, these needles are used only once. Tattoo is a kind of art, we should make sure our customers’ safe, so that we can make our customers’ enjoy healthier and more beautiful life.


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Make Some Adjustments to Your Tattoo Guns

Tattoo guns, an essential assistant in tattooing, need to meet different requires from various tattoo artists to fit their unique hand craft. When using, you can still make some adjustments to your tattoo guns though they’ve been set up before coming to you.

Usually, each professional tattoo gun will get a voltage around 220 or 110V, varying from country to country, to run. You may connect your tattoo gun with AC and rotate the adjusting knob clockwisely according to your own habits. Most artists turn to the point 10 voltages. Then you can plug the both tips of the clip cord to the poles on the tattoo gun’s body respectively and hook the other ends to the jacks at its back. One more plug goes to the power outlet close to the gun to connect the foot pedal. In this way, you’ve set the power and wires ready to give power to your tattoo gun.

Then you may need to slightly adjust your tattoo gun: loose the contact screw until it lightly touches the spring, giving it a light and soft strength to prevent sudden tripping. To ensure a better and consistent performance of your tattoo gun, you may need to adjust the contact screw to an ideal position to spring or use your index finger to hold the tip of armature bar after the gun start to work. If the tattoo gun is under the best working condition, it will make no harsh noises.

A tattoo gun starts under 3 volts and no more than 12 volts, but some can work up to 18V, according to the machine power supply you are using. You can adjust that, but take the spring resistance, the geometry of the gun and types of coils into consideration.

 Sometimes, you may run into sudden breakdown and stoppage during work, some of which is caused by inappropriate adjustment or unexpected wire tripping. In this case, the red indicate light will turn green and voltage goes to zero. Most professional tattoo guns have electric protector for overload and tripping. Things you need to do are to turn off the shift knob of the tattoo guns immediately to check the parts to find the exact reasons.

 Then adjust your tattoo guns once again. Turn on the shift button and do the job from the scratch. Tighten the screw to lock it to work when you feel it ideal for your work.

Keep this in mind when make adjustments: the less the current passing through a normally working tattoo gun is, the better the performance of that gun would be.


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The Tips on Getting Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is popular in these years. It includes eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrow and so on. Get permanent makeup must be from a trained professional so that you can reduce the risk of serious injury or bodily harm.

  1. You should consider which permanent makeup you need, where you want to get it, what the size of it. When you have considered all the options, you can go on other things.
  2. Shop around your local area or other area which you want to get. First, you should look for a spa or other facility that offers permanent makeup. It is important. Although it is not entire, but you can get know the hardware at least. Any professional tattoo shop for it, owning good hardware is necessary. If you live in a rural area, you may have to travel.
  3. To find a professional permanent makeup and get know time frame, how your skin will react and the actual cost. Communication is very important at this time.
  4. Before you get permanent makeup, you should ask for certification verification and references. Don’t forget to do this, as it can ensure you have a safe makeup procedure.

Certainly, above these, are the suggestions for you who don’t have the experience of the permanent makeup. If you want to start your own permanent makeup by yourselves, cover each important supply in your first order. After you get all the basics, you can start investing on additional products.

Purchase professional permanent makeup supplies from, you will get surprises. Hope you can enjoy the time.


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Tips of Buying Cheap Tattoo Guns Online

When tattoo artists need to make supplement for tattoo guns, most of them may try those online tattoo supply stores, which saves them much troubles of touring around the city to look for their idea equipments, and it’s easier for them to buy tattoo guns cheap as they can communicate directly to the suppliers, saving the money ate by the middle-men.

More and more people prefer buying tattoo guns online as they can find abundant species of goods offered with favorable prices there, especially those online wholesale stores. However, online stores can’t compare with your local suppliers to some extent. For examples, they won’t offer material objects for you to lay hands on and consider about the actual quality, which is easier for you to run into tracks and scams. As a result, you should follow some tips to buy cheap tattoo guns online more convenient and authentic.

You may rely more on the search engine if you decide for online purchasing. Type in the words related to the item you’re searching, and then you can get thousands of results for that, lots of which are sites you come across the first time. It’s understandable that you doubt about their credit and hesitate to make the final decision about which and where to buy tattoo guns. For advices and recommendations, you may join forums where you can find pros and cons for tattoo guns and tattoo suppliers and comparisons about qualified online stores, giving you clues about which is the best site for cheap tattoo guns.

  And for those traps or defrauds cheating for your money, you may action according to that. When you come to a new site, the first thing you should do to is to note for the message bulletin where you can find enough information about the site. If possible, you can contact with the customers by their instant messaging ID. Experienced suppliers will offer you both tattoo guns with favorable prices and abundant knowledge for that, with which, you can judge they are professional in tattooing or not via that.

  One more thing, you’d better chat with the tattoo suppliers to solve your problems when you receive parcels containing defective goods or missing parts. To avoid risks, you may place an order with lower amount of money to have a try before you decide to buy items more expensive there.

   Buying tattoo guns cheap online is indeed a good way to save money and efforts. You can get a most ideal tool for your tattooing if you have thought about the actions can be taken to avoid those unexpected problems.



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Where Does the First Tattoo Machine Come Out?

We all know that in modern society the main device that the tattoo artists use is the tattoo machine when they are doing tattoo practicing. Actually, we could even say that without tattoo machine, there would be no tattoos to be done in such a short time. However, there seems to be little people who care about the origin of the tattoo machines. How do th0065 people get the idea of inventing such kind of tattoo devices to solve the troubles tattoo artists may encounter when tattooing? And due to what reason does the tattoo practice become a flourishing industry in our nowadays society?

In the early history, tattoo practice is to insert ink into the people’s skin, leaving perpetual mark to differ from other normal people. So, on this purpose you could make the right guess that tattoo practice is for the prisoners, to prevent them from escaping, or, you could say, make escaping harder. We can infer that ancient tattoo practice is basically doing by hand work, using needles dipped with ink to punch into the skin little by little. However, gradually, it becomes very popular among the prisoners. They like the feeling that wearing different colors and patterns which make them look like more powerful. Also they could use tattoos to group their own gangs, right inside the prisons.

But they were lack of the basic tattoo equipments for tattooing in those days spent in prison. It’s true that needles can help, but that would waste a lots of time and those needles are not practical as modern tattoo needles. Some of the clever prisoners made their inventions. They tried to make the available items into a wholesale set. After uncountable times of trial, they did that. Those kits are the rudiment of today’s tattoo machines. Their tools are fountain pen, eraser, lighter, strings, tapes, etc. Strings would work as needles by being inserted into the tip of the pen. When connected to the power source, this simple and easy tattoo machine would actually work.

So, this is where and how the first tattoo machine comes out. Nowadays, we have so many cheap tattoo machines available for us to choose from freely. When you find the convenience of modern tattoo machines, you just can’t imagine how tattoo artists suffered in old days.



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How to Remove Tattoo Ink from Clothing

Tattoos are permanent designs for someone’s body. During tattoo and after getting tattoo, tattoo ink may bleed onto clothes. These ink are also become permanent mark. Did you get in trouble with this careless? You needn’t mind staining and placing towels, bedding, or others for a few days, after a few days, you needn’t to worry transfer the ink. Removing tattoo inks from your clothes is not difficult; this article will tell you how to do that.

  1. When your clothes get tattoo ink, you can use a towel which you don’t mind to be stained to dry the ink as quickly as you can, to avoiding much ink onto the cloths.
  2. To pour a little alcohol onto the ink stain of the clothes, use the towel to blot the stain until the stain is no longer visible. You may need to repeat many times.
  3. Make the stain area of the clothes are under the water and gently rub the stain, as much of the detergent into the stain as possible.
  4. The water of wash clothing is suggested to use hot water and an amount of laundry detergent. If the clothes id white, a small amount of bleach will be benefit for the white clothes.
  5. When you repeat steps 2 through 4, checking the stain on the clothes. Don’t dry the clothes until the stain gone, as the heat of the dryer will bring stain into the fabric permanently.

Good tattoo ink supplies, check out! If you want to know more about the tattoo ink, I will explain them in my next articles.



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A Right Tattoo Kit is needed by Tattoo Artist

Do you want to know where to get the right tattoo kits? Whether you are an experienced tattoo artist or you are a tattoo beginner, any kit must have been best you can be. Whatever talented you are, without a right kit, you can not do much work. It’s true.

Although all the tattoo kits are not the same, some basic things are the same. To start with the important things, tattoo gun and tattoo power supply. A good tattoo kit should include a good power supply. What is a good tattoo gun? It should be fitted in your hand, so you don’t take a long time to adapt. Then you should have prepared more than one gun, as you can use one for “liner”, another one for “shader”, so you needn’t to change one gun in turns. You can save your time and improve your efficiency.

Then, the next basic things are tips and needles. There has to not only be different sizes, but a decent quantity of each size and types as well. You should keep an eye on the needles, if the quantities less than ten, you should worry about buying more. Next, the basic thing is tattoo ink. A wide variety of ink color is needed for you. You also need to prepare the common color twice such as black, yellow, red, green and blue. So you don’t worry to run out the tattoo ink color easily.

Practice materials are needed. You can practice on the skin before you get used with the tattoo guns. These tattoo equipments are really benefited for tattoo beginners. Remember, when you buy the kit which should have a wholesale supply list, so you can order your needles, tips and tattoo ink colors when these supplies run out. You will never worry about that when running out them don’t know where to order and continue your projects.

The last tip is the price of the tattoo kits. You can shop around. You should carefully to choose seller. Don’t choose a company that is here today and gone tomorrow. It is suggested that you choose some big wholesaler online, so you can order these supplies easily, but also get a bargain on this site.


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How to Use a Magnum Tattoo Needle

Magnum tattoo needles are also called magnum shaders. Magnum shaders can provide depth and various tattoo ink put into the tattoo. Of cause, different size brings different effects.

Magnum tattoo needles are specifically used for careful tattoo process. The needles are arranged in two or more rows even in curve. It is the same usage with other tattoo needle, at the same time, tattoo machine don’t needed to set, just remains the same.


  1. First fit the magnum tattoo needle into the machine tube. The needle will hang down below the tube at the end of the needle bar.
  2. The needle was attached to the armature of the machine. Use a rubber to tighten the screw, so the tattoo needle will not move in the sanitary during the tattoo process.
  3. In order to show 1/16 to 1/32 of the needle, you can adjust the sanitary tube by yourselves. You can connect the tattoo machine power supply and start the test of the foot pedal.
  4. Ready for the needed tattoo ink into the ink cup, when you are tattooing you can use the magn um needle to dip the tattoo ink and start your tattoo.

Things Should Notice

When you moving the flat magnum shaders in curve, it may rip skin and cause scarring. About the needle, don’t go further than 1/16-1/32 of the tattoo needle into the shin, or will cause bleeding and more pain. If it’s bleeding excessively, the ink will bleed out and ruin the tattoo.



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Eyebrows—Need to Know

Girls, we know eyebrows are one of the most important features on your faces, as eyes are the windows to soul, they should be properly framed. A natural—looking brow with medium thickness and medium arch will always look pleasing. While straight and thin brows give people a worried or pensive look, thin eyebrows with exaggerated height and length give a surprised or clueless look, therefore, maintaining suitable eyebrows working with your face is important, especially for permanent makeup, because it is not easy to remove.

The most important thing to have permanent makeup in eyebrow is to fix the eyebrow placement, size and shape. Firstly, place a pencil at your nostril and let it go over the start of your inner eye, where the pencil goes over your brow, it where the start of your eyebrow. But there are many variations in nose width, some people would just eyeball it. Secondly, still starting at your nostril use the pencil to make a line passing over the pupil of your eye looking forward, the place the pencil crosses over your brow is the highest arch of your brow. Thirdly, to begin at your nostril and make a live over the point of your outer eye, the place the pencil meets your brow is the ending of the brow.  Then the three most important points for permanent makeup in eyebrow are settled.

Most people who think their bone structures being not prominent will have permanent makeup. The arch of your brow is important because it gives you definition and a brighter, awake look, which make your face more prominent. But there are not definite perfect arch for everybody, for people’s face shapes differ a lot from each other. You should choose an eyebrow style according to your face, except for those, choosing eyebrow pigments color is also an important step, if you want to know more, you may check on