What to Know Before You Buy Tattoo Guns

01/02/2011 11:24

If you are planning to join in the queue to do tattoo body art or even start your business of making money from giving tattoos, the first thing for you is to buy tattoo guns. Obviously, tattoo guns play an incomparable part in tattoo practice, without which, lining and shading work can’t be done so perfect. As a result, buying tattoo guns seems a crucial step you really need to look before you leap.

  For each tattoo artist, choosing a set of befitting tattoo equipment is half the battle in the beginning. We can’t expect every artist know full-scale of tattoo guns and create a brand new set. However, when you get start on this way, advices from professional tattoo artists are still very helpful. Here I’d like to give you some tips for a good start.

  For buying tattoo guns, besides price and other factors, hand feel is one of the top measurements. There are various sizes among tattoo guns that are designed to meet various demands from tattoo artists. Too big or too small guns will slow down your handcraft, doing no benefits to your tattoo practice. You should never feel tired of putting your hands on various guns to decide which one has the best hand feel.

  Though most tattoo guns have been set up after they get out of the plant with fixed construction, you can still make slight improvement to the device. It’s better for you to choose a flexible one to be adapted, so you can make it right to match your handcraft with good strength and speed for the tattoo guns.

   Some tattoo guns hit too much with powerful strikes during working. That’s the situation that you should pay much attention to. Usually, tattoo artists will buy tattoo guns with soft strength as they will be quite good at work and do less damage and pain to human skin.

   Most tattoo guns are installed with two electromagnetic coils, so you have no need to worry about that. One electromagnetic tattoo guns don’t have the same excellent effect compared to those with two coils.

   For new beginners, automatic tattoo guns on the speed and depth will be much greater for the practice. You can let the gun modified to the best function instead of your freshman’s adaptation, and then you could be more focused on the practice itself.