UV Tattoos Set You the Center of Parties

18/07/2011 11:51

Everyone has the chance to be invited to parties. At then, people will take time to decorate themselves to grasp others’ eyes and stand out to be the center of parties. Beautiful dresses, exquisite makeup and proper ornaments are all good ways to add highlights to your appearance. For parties with dimmer lights, you have another choice—UV tattoos.

  UV tattoos, also known as black light tattoos are made by unique tattoo ink is only visible under black lights. When you wear a UV tattoo to a party with black light, the tattooed area will illuminate as soon as you step into the room, so others will notice you immediately.

   You can have a complete UV tattoo or outline your design with regular tattoo ink, but shade with UV tattoo ink, which is a way to mix two kinds of tattoos together. So you have a tattoo can be partially seen all the times, and turns to be more charming under black light. The most popular UV tattoo designs are temporary arm design and dragon tattoos. Some trial tattoos made by UV tattoo ink are also very amazing. I seen many girls put small UV tattoos on wrists and ankles and that appears to be really sexy.

UV tattoo ink, which is thinner than regular tattoo ink, has different colors, offering you more choices for colors and enabling you to mix them to create your desirable colors. The standard colors for a UV tattoo are black and white.

UV tattoos are not as popular as other kinds of tattoos. The main reason may be the price. To get a UV tattoo costs a little more than normal tattoos.  As mentioned, its ink is thinner, so tattoo artists should be much more cautious in the whole process and they have to check the designs constantly under black light. More money is charged as UV tattoos are difficult to handle.

UV tattoos definitely set you the center of parties or clubs. Spend money once, but gain lifelong benefits. You are really worthy for that investment. Are you ready for all the attention?