Use glitter tattoo kits to make up your face, body, pumpkin, album, glass and more

20/10/2010 09:40

Glitter tattoo become one of the most popular make-ups for many kinds of parties. You need only paint on the glitters on the stencils and then a well controlled tattoo design will come out into your eyes. This glitters could be used on many stuff include glass, steel, human skin and even books and pictures. It’s really fun to DIY some cute design glitter tattoo stencils and make them glitter. Start creating Amazing glitter tattoos now.


First, we prepare the glitter tattoo supplies:

1. 8 or more colors of Glitters.

2. Glitter tattoo stencils. They are sself adhesive and with 3 layers. The middle layer is usually black.

3. Glitter tattoo brushes, one for paint on, one bigger brush for sweeping the extra glitters.

4. Glue special for glitter tattoos

5. Cleaning supplies


Steps for making glitter tattoos:

1. clean the skin for better adherence

  Use alcohol swabs to remove any film of sweat. Lotion or sunblock on the skin. This can make the tattoo last longer

2. Put the glitter tattoo stencil on the skin

Peel the top 2 layers of the stencil and make sure they are flat on the skin. Rub gently onto the skin, and be careful not let the design move when rubbing. The clear film helps you guide the stencil’s skin placement.

3. Cover the blank area with glitter tattoo glue.

Then peel off the top clear film. Leave the middle black piece of stencil on the skin.

And cover the whole blank area of the left layer of stencil with the glue special for glitter tattoo.

4. Peal the stencil before the glue dries up.

This will give your tattoo a more defined and sharper edge or outline. 

5. Wait for the skin glue to dry, about 5-10 seconds.

It becomes clear when it is already dry

6. Paint-on the glitters using the brush

**Dip the glitter tattoo brush on the chosen glitter color and paint-on the design. Have the color combination in mind before painting.

**Dip the same brush on the next chosen color. Shake off the excess glitters before dipping to avoid color mixing. Sweep the glitters from the outside going in.

7. Use the sweeper brush to sweep the excess glitter into the design. Then brush off the extra glitters.

The bigger glitter tattoo brush. This will ensure that the whole design is covered with glitters.

The tattoo will then last up to 7 days but can be taken off sooner if required using an oil based product such as baby oil.

It’s best to prepare a temporary glitter tattoo kits which contains all the necessary glitter tattoo supplies, and sure it’s good idea to save money by taking them all from one glitter tattoo store.


More resources:

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