Top 5 tattoo supply companies for cheap

30/09/2010 09:55

Tattoo machines make the most important tool in the tattooing process. The beginners and experienced tattoo experts know the importance of having a good machine and always look at the best tattoo machine suppliers for their kit. There are a number of suppliers in just tattoo machines who all promise to offer you great machines for your artistic work. However the main challenges is choosing the best supplier for your tattoo machine and the kit. Therefore you can just find out about the top five tattoo machine suppliers who can offer you high quality machines at affordable prices.


·        The DPS online store is among the top 5 tattoo supply companies, which is renowned for their high quality tattooing products and reliable service. They are known to carry the best tattoo machines while you can even find other supplies such as medical and piercing supplies. It lets you place direct orders for machines and other tattoo kit which can be delivered to your desired location.

·        Secondly there is the UK distributor for worldwide tattoo supply. You just need to make a call and get your tattoo machine booked. You can find all sorts of tattoo machines and tattoo supplies such as ink accessories, machines and tattoo kit, sterile tattoo needles, tattoo flash displays, tattoo books and flash and almost everything you need for your tattoo business. Moreover their products are also reasonably priced while being high quality. This is just one reason that makes them the top five tattoo machine suppliers.

·        Huck Spaulding Enterprises, the online tattoo machine supplier has been offering high quality machines for a long time. You can just browser through their collection of affordably priced and high quality tattoo machines and equipments to find an equipment that suits your needs. Their collection includes all sorts of tattoo machines and supplies along with piercing supplies. You can just browser through their collection of tattoo equipments and machines and leave an order for the machine you like.

·        Superior tattoo have been serving the tattoo industry for two decades and has grown to the #1 supplier and has many claims to fame. They have patents on several inventions, the largest tattoo reference library, and the best selection of tattoo kits to both start a new career and fulfill the needs of the seasoned artist. The website is secure, accurate, and filled with almost everything you need.

·, a reliable supplier of tattoo equipments that includes positively reviewed cheap tattoo machines, beginner tattoo kits, tattoo kits, tattoo inks and needles and almost all kinds of small tattoo accessories. They have even listed some of the best selling and high quality tattoo machines which makes it easy for you to decide on a particular machine. You just have to visit the supplier website and make your selection and they would ensure the tattoo kit or machine to be delivered to your doorsteps within the next working day.

There are just a few of the best tattoo suppliers online but you can surely try visiting your nearby tattoo store to checkout some machines offered at affordable prices. You can even browser through all these online dealers and suppliers and find if anything interests you. In case budget is a concern to you, just try comparing different machines from different suppliers which can get you the lowest price for the machine yet not compromising on the quality.