Tips on Using Doppler Prenatal Baby Heart Monitor

24/11/2009 16:02

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in your life, filled with fun, hope, and enjoyment. And many pregnant women find that nothing is more exciting than hearing their baby’s heart beat for the first time! So a home use Doppler Prenatal Baby Heart Monitor is necessary for every expectant mother to hear their unborn babies’ heart beat anytime at anywhere and know your baby's heart sounds before birth and form a special bond with her/him. But many of them feel so worried about their fetal health that they went to the gynecologist when sensed any little abnormality after too frequent of hearing. Experts suggest pregnant mothers not do so and feel relaxed.


Generally speaking, the fetal heart beat is 120~160 per Minute. But some pregnant mothers have good ability for oxygen reserve which causes a transient increase in fetal heart beat rate and than drops to the normal condition. This is a normal response in Developing Nervous System of Fetus. Some pregnant mothers feel involuntary nervous when find out fetal heart beat rate is out of the normal condition. They barely seem to realize that too much nervous will cause fetal upset and increase in fetal heart beat rate. At last this may cause fetal hypoxia. So here are some tips on using Doppler Prenatal Baby Heart Monitor.


The FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) shows obvious changes in following 3 periods:


1. Within 30 minutes after getting up

2. Within 60 minutes after lunch

3. Within 30 minutes before going to bed

During those three periods, oxygen supply to fetus decreases because of the pregnant mother’s body needs more oxygen for digesting food and body condition changes. So it can report the fetal health in a proper way.


Tips on using Doppler Prenatal Baby Heart Monitor:
1.Refer to the way which the gynecologist use at the hospital, pregnant mothers must lie flat and use the baby heart monitor probe to find the fetal heart.


2. The fetal heart sounds 'tick-tock” as the clock is a faster speed. Usage 1-minute unit, the normal rate is 120~160 per minute and less or more is thought to be abnormal. If necessary, the pregnant mother should be taken to hospital.


3. Warnings: Don’t take the vascular-pulsation of maternal abdomen as the fetal heart beat. Feel difficult to tell apart? You are advised to touch the pregnant mother’s pulse at the same time, if the fetal heart rate sounds the same as the pulse rate. That is the mother’s pulse rate.


4. The baby heart monitor fails to work due to the following reasons: batteries need replaced, switch off, volume is turned down, plug not inserted, not apply water or oil or something others to the probe.


Whether you are facing a high risk pregnancy or just want the reassurance that your baby is happy and safe, you will find comfort in monitoring your baby's heart beat with the convenience of having your own Doppler Prenatal Baby Heart Monitor by your side.


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