The Best Tattoo Ink Colors

24/10/2011 15:06

Whether you have considered the image for your tattoo? If you want to get a certain criteria, the colors are needed to be vibrant against your skin tone. So the effect of the tattoo will be stand. But if your skin is darker, you need to ensure which color to use in your body.

Skin Tone

Most tattoos will more evident on lighter skin, but they also can be beautiful on the darker skin. Choosing correct tattoo ink colors as shade skin for shade skin. Medium toned skin is best skin tone for tattooing. Any brighter or lighter skin tone is suitable apparent on the skin. However, dark skin people should avoid shading and light colors such as white and pink. You can obey the rule which is color should be much darker or lighter than your skin tone.

Possible Removal

You may not believe to removed a tattoo will take you a few years. Especially, you have tattooed one’s name, but when the relation ship of you and him break up, you will want to remove the tattoo. Choosing best tattoo ink color is black for your image. Using a laser to remove the coloring is easily.


Some tattoo ink colors may fade easier than other colors. Black, blue and green these ink colors will hardly fade. If you want to keep your tattoo vibrant you should learn how to protect the skin when it under the sun.

If you like a colorful image, red, purple, yellow and orange will be better. General speaking, when you choosing best tattoo ink color should depend on the tattoo effect which you want and your skin tone. In addition, the quality of the tattoo ink is important, as they can make your tattoo image last long. Buy best tattoo inks, please visit, enjoying your tattoo shipping.