Reasons and Resolution when Tattoo Machines Don’t Work

09/11/2010 16:05


The sudden stop of tattoo machines would actually destroy the feeling of tattoo artists during the tattoo process, and then affect the final work. To make sure the tattoo machines performing well during the process is one of the most important things in most tattoo artists’ opinion. However, before making them perform well, you need to understand what reasons make tattoo machines stop working.


Here below are some probable causes or breakdowns of the tattoo machines also with some resolutions for you to care:


·The spring doesn’t connect to the contactor of the shrapnel.

   When this happens, you could loosen the screw and spin down the string to 180 degree to 360 degree, then tighten the screw to lock the spring.

·The power switch doesn’t turn on.

   If joint up to 220V alternating current, the indicate light will be red with the switch on.

·The press-button of voltage adjustment is zero, while indicator points to zero position, too.

   Spin the button by clockwise, and the indicator will be rotated to stop at 10-12V.

·The spring touch the contactor of the shrapnel too tight, making short circuit. Turn on the power switch, indicator show green with no voltage.

   Loosen the screw and pull the spring off the contactor, and then make them connected once again. Turn on the power switch, the indicator shows red.

·During the tattoo process, pull the power line by incaution, making it’s plug lose the original position.

   Recheck the foot switch to see if the plug of the power line is fixed.

·After finish tattoo process, pull the line off the tattoo machines when cleaning the sets.

   Check if the end of the line has broken, if so, find a wireman to make it right.


These are only parts of vast problems you could come across when you handle tattoo machines. Pay attention each time and no need for a long time you will become a specialist of tattoo field.