LED Lights for Your Garden

17/10/2011 11:54

One great idea for home owners to consider is adding LED lights to the yard. This not only enhances the natural beauty of the gardens, it helps with safety and increases the security of your yard. Another huge benefit to using LED Lights for this situation is the enormous costs savings in energy due to LED's renowned energy efficiency.

One of the characteristics of LED Bulbs is that they emit one color so they are perfect if you want to use a variety of colors to extend your decorative choices. Other lights emit white light which is then given a particular color by the shading of the bulb, which is very inefficient as far as energy is considered.

Lighting can be situated behind a waterfall, inside a fountain, around the edge of the pond or floating on the pond surface. Pond Lights allow you to view the beauty and magnificence of your garden pond or water garden at night. When choosing the right pond light for your fish pond you need to pay attention to which part of the pond you wish to illuminate.

Are you trying to highlight only part of the pond or are you trying to make the whole pond the focal point of your garden. Some floating lights are designed to rest amongst lilies whilst others are actually designed to look like a floating lily. Spot lights can be used to illuminate cascading waterfalls, fountains or water features.

And remember LED lights are tough; there is no filament to burn out so they last up to thirty years. They come in various sizes, so you could use them in places that were impossible just a few years ago.

Spring is coming and now is a perfect time to spruce up your yard by adding LED underground Lights. The idea behind LED lights was to create energy-efficient LED lights that can be used outdoors. They took this concept to the next level by creating waterproof LED lights that be used outdoors, in the garden but also in the pool thanks to their ability to float on water.

You can go with the traditional driveway or pathway posts, which you place into the ground. If you prefer more unique ambiance, consider stringing LED lamps along banisters or over shrubs much like holiday lights. There are even artistic focal lights or torch-like options.