How to Plug in a Tattoo Power Supply

15/02/2012 16:49

Tattoo power supplies are used to provide power for tattoo machines, also is a resources for machine run. To control the speed of the needles which are plugging in the machine during the tattoo process is important. You should set the tattoo power supply to adjust the speed. This article will help you learn about how a power supply affects the tattoo machine.


  1. Turn on your power supply and on a level, and then locate the jacks of the black clipcord in front of the power supply. One jack is connected to the foot pedal and the other one is connected tattoo machine.
  2. Don’t place the foot pedal far away from you. Check whether the jacks on power supply and foot pedal plug well. Make sure the cord is not crimped by other thing or it will lead dangerous.

3. You should plug the cylindrical end into the tattoo power supply. The cord is split in two and Y-shaped. Attach the prongs of the clip cord to the upper and lower around the binding posts which on the back of your tattoo machine. 

4. You should make sure the cord of the tattoo power supply into a wall outlet. Use your one hand hold the tattoo machine, your foot press the foot pedal. You will see the tattoo machine begin working, if not, you should check out the power supply whether plugged correctly.

Now, you may get something about tattoo power supply, the strengthen of the needles are determine the effect of the tattoo. Check out: get a good tattoo power supply to start your wonderful tattoos.