How to Buy a Tattoo Gun

01/11/2010 17:05


A tattoo gun is a tool of making a permanent body art. Nowadays, this art is popular with youth day by day. If you want to be a professional tattoo artist from a novice, the first thing you should do is to buy this equipment with high quality and in low price. So the most important thing is to consider how to buy it satisfactorily.

The information could help you do this as follows:




1, Know a tattoo gun generally.


Firstly, the major components like a power supply, footswitch and clip cords. Secondly, the important metals for making a good gun kit which is iron, copper or brass for durability.


2.Decide what type of tattoo gun you want.


If you're a novice of tattoo art, you may consider buying the tattoo liner and tattoo shader separately. Then assemble them by yourself. Although this method can make them become more powerful, they require more adjustments, or tuning. It’s difficult and unsafe for nonprofessional artist.

3.Compare several supply companies for reference.

Once decided, you should research the companies’ catalogs, prices and their feedbacks for the types of gun and the best metals you want, and then you can choose the most satisfying company. 

4.Peruse professional magazines of tattoos.

If you need a good way to find tattoo supply companies, you could peruse tattoo magazines. Many of tattoo companies advertise in various tattoo publications where you could find their contact information, product introduction and website address possibly.

5. Compare the prices companies gave to you.

You can find there are many difference in the prices of tattoo guns what are low as $50 and high as several hundred dollars. There is a proverb that "you get what you pay for". It is definitely true when it comes to tattoo machines. If you want to buy a top of the line and model, it’s likely to have the most expensive. So think about the middle products, it’s will close to your target price.

6.Discuss with other tattoo artists.

Many experienced artists develop a preference for the brand of ink which they like and feel sells the best tattoo guns.

7.Think about your own target price and requests.

Lots of different types and styles of tattoo guns are for your selection, many of which with fancy designs covering the electromagnetic coils. You maybe not cautious enough to buy a tattoo gun that fits your original intention. Be patient and cautious, you should think over your target price before purchasing it

8.Check the warranty of the company.

At the last, you should be more cautious and careful, because even high quality machines sometimes have problems.


Tips & Warnings

  • Be cautious to confirm the legalities of tattoo guns and your suppliers.
  • It is able to assemble a tattoo gun by yourself. While, professional kits are easier to use and more reliable, at the same time, people will feel relax, less painful and be confident with you for you using the professional gun.
  • Keep your tattoo gun at peak performance, it requires tuning exactly. Good tattoo artists can tune their own tattoo gun, if you are dream of being  a good tattoo artist, learn from them. At the beginning of learning, tune the gun by professionals still you can do it.
  •  Buy a tattoo gun fit your level to sure that you can use and control it.  Everyone do a thing step by step to be success .So the most important is for you to buy it just fit you.
  • Besides buying an appropriate tattoo gun, you also need to purchase some high quality parts of a gun such as a power supply, foot pedal and clip cords what are used to be ensuring its power connection and security.
  • Sterilize the tattoo gun. Even if a tattoo gun is wrapped during tattooing, you must still wipe the machine down and fully sterilize after use it every time to ensure the health and safety of each individual. Sterilizing is responsible for every client.
  • Ensure the legitimacy of the trade. Trading with the person who has no license or buy a tattoo gun without quality control, you maybe stopped your license presently even be revoked. It’s vital to identify the license of the person you cooperate with at the first of the trade; otherwise, you maybe face a fine and a terrible result.
  • The good companies with complete tattooing supply kit are useful and pragmatic. When you're first starting out, that is a good way to get lots of the items when you need immediately, even a tattoo gun.
  • Remember to be patience and cautious. Keep the price and quality closing to or fitting your target.
  • Pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the tattoo gun.