Glitter Temporary Tattoos are Used Globally

09/02/2012 11:35

Body painting with clay and other natural pigments shows a trend in all tribal cultures. Often worn during ceremonies, it still survives in this ancient form among the indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and parts of Africa. Actors and clowns around the world have painted their faces—and sometimes bodies—for centuries, and continue to do so today with the help of glitter tattoos.

Lately, "glitter tattoos" have been gaining popularity. These are made by applying cosmetic-grade glue (either freehand or through a stencil) on the skin and then coating it with cosmetic-grade glitter. They can last up to a week depending on the model's body chemistry. Body painting is commonly used as a method of gaining attention in political protests.

Glitter Temporary Tattoos have more than thousands of Designs with great work made with Swarovski crystal. You can use this tattoo your foot, arms, palms, belly or back. It will look amazing shiny attractive part of body. It’s a fashion statement. For beautiful famine sticker Glitter Temporary Tattoo really do look miraculous.

Glitter Tattoos are durable and waterproof which makes them perfect for pool and beach parties. They can last from 3-5 days depending on aftercare. Liquid Glitter Temporary Tattoos wash off with soap and water. We offer an eye luring range of tattoos that are available in multitude of designs and shapes for decorating tattoos. Natural in appearance, these grip skin firmly and do not harm skin in any ways.

Reusable and simple to wear, these tattoos are widely in demand in domestic as well as international market. The new tendency in the young and teenagers is the glitter temporary tattoo! They now sell some glitter tattoos kits with stencils, glue and glitter so that everyone can make its own home-made glitter temporary tattoo!

In the United States they sell those kits like hot cakes! Temporary Glitter tattoos are one of the most widely available and inexpensive body art options in the modern United States, but did you know that semi-permanent tattooing has been alive and well for centuries? Our modern temporary tattoos are predominantly produced with longer lasting vegetable dyes and non-toxic glue, which allows them to last up to two weeks on average. Some styles are applied more like a sticker and include rhinestones, glitter, or tiny colored beads.