Get to Know Tattoo Power Supplies

18/01/2011 11:27


To apply tattoo designs, tattoo artists need a set of tattoo equipment, which includes a tattoo power supply. These power supplies can be purchased from a lot of different dealers, and there are different types and brands. For the customer’s safety, tattoo artist should decide which brand and type is suitable and how to use it properly.

  A tattoo power supply is designed to drive a tattoo needle to insert tattoo ink into the skin. If the needle doesn’t go deep enough, the tattoo design will fade easily and leave an ugly appearance, while too deep, much more blood will bleed and more pain the person may suffer. As a result, to know how to set a tattoo power supply properly is a key skill for tattoo artists.

  Several tattoo machine power supplies are available in tattoo supplies stores nowadays. The price varies according to different types and functions. If you want to get better control of the tattoo needle’s back and forth movement, then you need a power supply that has a knob to control the voltage. Some more expensive machine power supplies enable you to control all the elements like voltage, speed, follow-through and duty. You can use them in any country without changing the voltage to ensure the safety of other appliances in your home. Some power supplies will come to you with foot pedals and clip cords, but some are not, you may need to buy them separately.

  Some starters think most of the tattoo power supplies have the same working condition and they can apply a good tattoo design with a cheaper power supply. Well, not really. Those less expensive ones have fewer options for you to control the tattoo needle’s movement, except a bad insertion of tattoo ink; the person will endure much more. The entire tattoo design will be damaged as well. What’s more, less expensive power supplies will be worn out in a short period, which will affect the depth of the needles. So it is not advisable to get that kind of tattoo machine power supply if you want to start a business.

  If you plan to be a respected tattoo artist, you should at least get a tattoo power supply with a decent price and make it work pretty well when giving a tattoo. Take your time to do some simple research for the best tattoo power supply. Try to make it a good assistant, but not a stumbling block for creating an awesome tattoo design.