Details about LCD Dual Tattoo Power Supply

12/03/2012 15:07

To get a kind of stable dual tattoo power supply, you have various choices as numerous tattoo supply stores offering them at different prices ranging from $15 to $100 or more. And to save your budget and wring out the sponge, I’d like to show you the details about LCD dual tattoo power supplies, so you can make a comparison when choosing.

 First, we should at least know what is called dual power supply. It's a power supply with a positive and negative voltage, where one of the voltages tracks the other. For example: the negative voltage tracks the positive. If you regulate the positive to 15v, the negative is going to be -15v. This allows very precise symmetric power.

  This kind of dual tattoo power supply is the most common available to all, which is able to support the function of plugging in both lining and shading work at the same time and it can switch from one machine to another with less plug in and out. The common material for this kind of power supply will be cast iron that does well in heat-conduction.

  As the name indicates, the power supply has a LCD screen to display the voltage more accurately. The voltage will be changed according to different tattoo machines. With less than $20, you can get one for your tattooing process.

This professional LCD dual tattoo machine gun power supply comes to each customer with plug, foot switch and clip cord all in the same package. For input AC, it accepts electricity of both 220V and 110V, but the plugs are different from country to country, so you should remember to tell the suppliers about your countries, then they will send you the suitable wire plug accordingly. With an output DC of 1~15V, it can support strong power for most tattoo machines popular in the market. When it is applied to work, it converts incoming utility AC power to DC and then converts the DC back to AC power connected to the load.

 Different dual tattoo power supplies will have different size and weight, but generally, they may be a bit heavier than those aluminum power supplies. The colors and designs are for your own choices.

For more professional tattoo power supply, you can choose Professional Tattoo Dual Power Supply Kit LCD Display WS-P015, lightweight, neat, professional and reliable. Indeed, it’s the best tattoo power supply that will be very impressive for you..