Buying guides for Nail dryers

28/04/2010 15:34


The best way to dry up your nail after they are painted or polished is using a nail dryer. And there are different kinds of nail dryers for different usage in the market. You should first read the following tips of buying leads.


Manicure Nail Dryer


There is multi feature cosmetic and manicure set which includes nail dryer, buffer, sponges and massages heads to have all beauty preparation under one roof. This is often used for home manicure and pedicure as it is cheap and can be found at any shop.


Professional & Salon Nail Dryer


Professional models are on the higher price range. These are usually owned by the salons. There are a variety of options in these models. There is provision for getting hot air and cold air with soft key pads for adjusting temperature easily. A clear airflow would prevent smudges and edges are curved to offer maximum comfort. There is option of drying speed which includes extra fast drying as well. The area for drying and hands and feet is spacious compared to the cheaper version. A plastic window helps to view the drying process with an indicator to indicate the commencement and closer of each drying session. They own priced by the salon only for the price but can be kept at home as they are easily portable and durable too.


UV Nail Dryer

Drying your nail polish by using an UV light nail dryer is a popular and convenient way in recent days. It can completely dry your nail polish within 30 seconds without any smudges. Not only common nail polish can be dry faster, but also UV Gel nails. UV Gel Nails are fast becoming the most popular method for long-lasting beautiful nails as they are non-toxic, odorless, non-yellowing, durable, and flexible which means less breaks and cracking of the nail. Those UV nail Gel dryers are popular used in most nail beauty salons and also much recommended for home use as it is cheap and every one can afford it.


Compared these three types if nail dryers, UV nail dryers are the most recommended way for you, and the most important is to buy quality and cheap UV Gel lamp nail dryers, is a good online shop for you to purchase excellent UV lamps.


Quality and cheap UV Gel nail dryers: