Benefits of using an electric nail drill

08/03/2010 15:04


Whether you plan to use it daily or only under special circumstances, every nail technician should have an electric nail drill in kit though transition from manually filing to using an electric nail drill had at first been thought be an intimidating. Especially if you are a nail technician that is just out of school or coming from a salon that has only allowed filing by hand you will quickly see the benefits of using an electric nail drill.

What has to be the biggest benefit of using electric nail drills is the elimination of carpal tunnel that may come from years of excessive back and forth filing during the shaping of clients’ nails. Additionally once you become proficient in the use of an electric nail file, your time in shaping nails decreases drastically while allowing you to service more clients in a day and this should increase your profit.

Once you begin using your electric nail file, you will quickly see the difference between filing manually. Backfilling of acrylic nails becomes easier and areas that were once hard to reach when filing manually such as cuticle areas and the undersides of nails are now easily accessible. What’s more, reshaping thick toenails, removing callous from the foot, and quick refining of nail tips are a few more things that can quickly and efficiently be done with an electric nail drill.


Electric nail drills are a health saver, time saver and money increaser. Now that you know the benefits to using a nail drill the next step is to find a best place to purchase an electric nail file upon your needs. Electric nail files come in all shapes, sizes, styles and prices. The most important thing is to get a good machine for you. Before making your purchase, be sure to research some of the various brands and compare the features and costs of the models. supplies those electric nail drills with different models and styles. You can log to for details.


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