Are Disposable Tattoo Needles Really Safe?

28/04/2011 08:49

  I’ve heard someone saying that there is no need to get any autoclave or ultrasonic cleaner as now disposable needles and tubes are easily available here and there.

  Yes, when do tattoos, tattoo artists will give each customer a new set of one-time-use needles and tubes, so there seem to be no possibilities for exposure. Sound pretty perfect, right? However, have you ever consider that except needles and tubes, if there are other things that can cause diseases if wrongly handled?

  One fact you may don’t know. In October, 2005, four Maryland teenagers all got tattooed by someone working out of his basement, and then two of them got ill and sent to hospital. Disposable tattoo needles has been applied, and the tattoo artist did wear clean gloves, so where goes wrong?

  I should those teenagers are too careless about the safety. They should have checked the environment and the tools before having tattoos on their skin. Some tattoo artists may not pay that much attention to sterilization. They claim that they use disposable tattoo needles and tubes each time they apply a tattoo design, or at least they have soaked their tools in alcohol or boil them before, which is not enough for a safe tattooing. You can make any mistakes, even a little bit one, when do tattooing and piecing, as what you may cost is your life. Just keep in mind that diseases don’t transmit only by needles.

  So, what shall we do to prevent?

  The first and foremost thing is to get a licensed studio, which is quite necessary as the artists there get really professional tattoo skills enabling you to get a pretty safe tattooing. Then you should pay close attention to their sterilizing process. Check if they get every needed steps right. Have a close look at the disposable tattoo needles and tubes they’re going to apply on you. Make sure those needles are in a clean manner and each needle is individually wrapped. They should be discarded after one-time use. The last thing is to examine the tattoo artist. He should get his hands cleaned, and then wear tattoo gloves and sleeves, which should also be sterilized and be really clean. You can’t be too careful about those things.

  In a word, you can never regard it safe when you see the tattoo artist using disposable tattoo needles. An extremely clean environment is needed as well. You just can rely too much on those needles. Tattooing will never be more important than your life.