An Essential Part of Tattoo Machines- Tattoo Needles

13/05/2011 08:43

You are familiar that tattoo machines have two main functions: lining and shading, which requires different setup of the tattoo machines. To distinguish a liner machine from a shader machine, you should check the tattoo needles, an essential part of tattoo machines.

  Tattoo needles vary in shape and size, which offers various choices for you to choose from to make your tattooing work more smooth and efficient. All the lining and shading work of tattoo machines can go on without the help of tattoo needles. If a set of tattoo machine is the body of tattooing, then the needles must be the soul.

  A tattoo needle for lining, working out the outline of a tattoo design, will be smaller than those for shading. You can use a single needle, but experience tattoo artists will suggest you to use a three or a five needle instead, as the lines looks better. But if you prefer bigger and bolder lines, just go with single needles.

  Shading work will be enacted within the outlines of the tattoo design. The size of the needles will be larger. They are chosen according to an individual artist’s personal preference whether he wants a flat needle or a round needle.

  Professional tattoo needles will usually come to you with a label telling the specific purpose they are intended for. RS is short for round shader, while RL is for round liner. We call them round as they are grouped together forming a cylindrical shape. FS and FL stands for flat shader and flat liner. Those needles are lined up in a single row, or in multiple rows stacked on the top of one another. Tattoo needles of all these types are set up by at least one single needle and nine or even more, no maximum limits.

  Now disposable tattoo needles are available in most stores online or offline in your local area. No matter disposable or not, they always require to be sterilized in order to keep the safety of the person to be given a tattoo and low down the risk of infection. Tattoo artists prefer to buy pre-packaged needles that come in pre-sterilized packages as the needles can be sterilized before use, but you are suggested to re-sterilize to ensure the low risk.

  As an essential part of tattoo machines, tattoo needles come in different sizes and vary in usage, being chosen for the comfortable experiences of a tattoo artist in a tattoo practice. Remember to read the instructions carefully before use.