You should Get Know Something about the Permanent Makeup

17/09/2011 15:24

Who is suitable for permanent makeup?

I have heard many people say that if a woman is beautiful, when you knock on her door in the morning, you can see she has put on her make up. Now, ladies can have permanent makeup done. If you want to change the shape of the eyebrow or save your time to makeup your eyebrow, or you always want to look your best, it is a really a good idea.

Do you want to know what the reason of failure for permanent makeup?

  1. It may cause by incorrect eyebrow shade design. It is important. The eyebrow should match your face, so will make you look spiritual or it will look unspiritual and strange.
  2. Color is an important factor, if use incorrect color, it is not sexy but ugly. You shouldn’t think the beautician is always right; the most important is according your skin color.
  3. Inferior permanent makeup pigments. In fact, they will bring you unexpected harmless. If the eyebrow pigment is inferior, it not only changes the color with the time but also harm for your skin.

What should do after operation?

  1. Pay attention to the eating, such as spicy food. If you do the operation for permanent makeup, so these food is not good for your heal.
  2. If you have hobbies, like smoking or drinking, so you should control yourself to smoke less and drink less.
  3. Repair gel. It can repair your scar and keep your eyebrow or lip moisture. It’s really necessary for you.

Know the advantages

  1. When you go swimming, you don’t be afraid to fall make up.
  2. As it is a permanent makeup, so you can save much money on makeup.
  3. Save your time to makeup yourself, but always looking your best.

Know the disadvantages

  1. Very painful and a little puffiness after the operation.
  2. You can’t the have an operation if you are HIV.
  3. When you are pregnant, you can’t have this operation.

Do you have any thought about permanent makeup? Welcome to share with us! Thank you!