Where Does the First Tattoo Machine Come Out?

13/07/2012 17:16

We all know that in modern society the main device that the tattoo artists use is the tattoo machine when they are doing tattoo practicing. Actually, we could even say that without tattoo machine, there would be no tattoos to be done in such a short time. However, there seems to be little people who care about the origin of the tattoo machines. How do th0065 people get the idea of inventing such kind of tattoo devices to solve the troubles tattoo artists may encounter when tattooing? And due to what reason does the tattoo practice become a flourishing industry in our nowadays society?

In the early history, tattoo practice is to insert ink into the people’s skin, leaving perpetual mark to differ from other normal people. So, on this purpose you could make the right guess that tattoo practice is for the prisoners, to prevent them from escaping, or, you could say, make escaping harder. We can infer that ancient tattoo practice is basically doing by hand work, using needles dipped with ink to punch into the skin little by little. However, gradually, it becomes very popular among the prisoners. They like the feeling that wearing different colors and patterns which make them look like more powerful. Also they could use tattoos to group their own gangs, right inside the prisons.

But they were lack of the basic tattoo equipments for tattooing in those days spent in prison. It’s true that needles can help, but that would waste a lots of time and those needles are not practical as modern tattoo needles. Some of the clever prisoners made their inventions. They tried to make the available items into a wholesale set. After uncountable times of trial, they did that. Those kits are the rudiment of today’s tattoo machines. Their tools are fountain pen, eraser, lighter, strings, tapes, etc. Strings would work as needles by being inserted into the tip of the pen. When connected to the power source, this simple and easy tattoo machine would actually work.

So, this is where and how the first tattoo machine comes out. Nowadays, we have so many cheap tattoo machines available for us to choose from freely. When you find the convenience of modern tattoo machines, you just can’t imagine how tattoo artists suffered in old days.