What is LED Lighting?

23/09/2011 11:45

LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. LED is a wavelength of light which emited by a semiconductor diode. LEDs have many applications. The technology is going more mature, so the application of the LED lights can expand much.


As we know, most electronic devices are used LEDs, such as optical mice, digital clocks, laser printers and mobile phone displays. You also will find most traffic lights and flashlights are used LEDs. Now, in homes, night lights, reading lamps are frequently used. You may get the types of LED lights.


LED lights contain impurities, which create free electrons to help the semiconductor material conducts electricity. You may get amazing why the LED lights have various colors? It depends on the type of the impurities.


LED lights are used widely one is as they are small, the most as they are energy than incandescent lights. LED can produce the color which you want without applying a filter. So they can used in different occasions such as jubilant, Christmas. As the LEDs use less electricity, so the produce less heat, in the long run, the use life of LEDs is longer than incandescent lights.


In the market, LED lights are dear than incandescent lights. When you are choosing LEDs, you have to weigh the upfront cost of the device against the saving over the long term.

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