Watch out! Before Permanent Makeup

23/05/2011 10:35

Permanent makeup sends good news to those women who are not satisfied with their faces, or who have some appearance defects. But at the same time, permanent makeup takes place on the sensitive places--eye brow and lips, any mistakes will ruin a person's beauty. Therefore, people who plan to have permanent makeup should know as much information as possible. Except for booking an experienced physician, there are many Pre care instructions you should know.

Before you decided to have permanent makeup, you'd better be off Retin A or Renova 30 days prior to all procedures. We know that permanent cosmetic pigments are safe under the skin, and most products in skin cremes do not affect the cosmetics. But, some new chemicals in skin cremes are designed to specifically penetrate down into the layer of skin where the pigment is. Retin-A and Renova are two kinds of those chemicals, because these chemicals are acids, they will dissolve the color, lighten the color, change the color, smear the strokes into a faded pattern and can cause undertones in color to appear. So if you want to keep your permanent makeup longer, keep the Pre care instructions in mind.

If you wear contact lenses in daily life, well, you need to wear glasses for about a week before eyeliner procedures, it can reduce gems amount into your eyes. If you have ever had (even if years ago) a fever blister, cold sore, shingles or chicken pox, it is recommended you obtain a prescribed anti viral medication from your doctor or dentist. Fever blisters are very common as a side effect of lip tattooing.

Do make sure your eyes and lip clean, all professional tweezing, waxing or tinting of eyebrow hairs should be finished more than 72 hours prior to a procedure. If you have extra dry skin, you'd better consider getting a basic facial a week prior to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Besides the Pre care instructions I said above, many people would ignore the following Pre care instructions. Please avoid any alcohol 48 hours prior to all procedures, and it is important to not have sunburn prior to and after any procedures. A satisfying permanent makeup requires careful Pre care instructions, good cooperation with the physician, professional aftercare. Hope my opinions can provide some help.