Want a Cheap Tattoo Kit? Refer to My Experience

12/02/2011 11:35

 When most of people saying that to buy a tattoo kit will be the worst choice for a tattoo artist, I’m still addicted to it. You just don’t know how convenient it is when I got the needed equipment all in a case and take the kit go here and there with me.

 I have been learning to do tattooing for about 1 year and a half. To me, tattoo gives more than only joy, but also a chance to show my creativeness. I come up with new tattoo designs at times, and I’d like to record them. Since I have relatively less experience to enact one design directly to a person’s skin, I will try it on a practice skin, which is contained in a tattoo kit as well. A tattoo kit enables me to carry the things wherever I go, and I am able to do tattooing at any time as long as a suitable environment has been found. I feel really content.

  I’ve bought more than one kit from, an online wholesale store which has been specialized in supplying tattoo equipment wholesale and Dropship with really favorable prices for years. I’ve recommended it to some of my friends. After dealing with that site, they put their thumbs up saying that getbetterlife is best for the price.

  In a tattoo kit, usually 2 tattoo gun will be supplied, one for shading and the other one for lining, which saves your time to stop to adjust the machine during the tattooing process. The tattoo guns can be chosen among a series of similar machines that has almost the same functions but different in appearances. getbetterlife offers 10 coil wrap tattoo guns, not the cheap 8 coil wraps for you to choose, some of which has really awesome appearances. I bought that WS-MT005B and WS-MT005A, both working pretty perfectly.

  The number of the grips and tubes varies according to different tattoo kits, so does the tattoo ink, ink holder and ink cups. However, power supply is similar. It’s common to see a tattoo kit with 1 power supply for tattoo gun, 1 foot switch and 1 cord and plug.

  Different suppliers will offer tattoo kits with different needles and tips, so you should make a wise choice when choosing.


  For tattoo beginners, more good things are 1 piece of tattoo skin, 1 CD for teaching and learning and 1 VCD for tattoo pictures will be sent as free gifts which do great help to starters.

  Experience tattoo artists are suggested to get some professional tattoo kits to meet the needs in your tattooing process.