Use an Airbrush Tattoo Kit to Complete Airbrush Tattoos

02/09/2011 14:59

An airbrush tattoo is a temporary tattoo on your body. It is good for people who only want to have temporary tattoo or want to be a light on a party. There is a great advantage of temporary tattoo that is on painful on the body and remove it as you want. To make it, you can choose an airbrush tattoo kit. An airbrush tattoo kit can used for different types of airbrush art, such as body tattoo painting, wall murals and food decoration. You can buy these airbrush kits through Internet or tattoo supply shops.


  1. You can easy find many kinds of airbrush tattoo kit are available on the market. You can buy an airbrush tattoo kit as which airbrush tattoo art you want to make. You also can choose a kit for more specific. The other hand, buy a kit is much cheaper than buy all the equipments separately.
  2. An airbrush kit typically includes air compressor, spray gun, horses and paints. You can obtain the kit on the tattoo supply store or Internet.
  3. You’d better buy an airbrush cleaning kit. As it can help you keep the airbrush tattoo kit last long. You can rinse out the dirty supplies and keep them in a good sanitation condition. You can get the airbrush cleaning kit in tattoo supply stores.
  4. When all the airbrush equipments have been ready, you can start your temporary tattoos. Pick a design, and transfer the design in black in onto your skin. You can choose the airbrush tattoo ink colors which you like to cover the design by using an airbrush sprayer.

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