Two kinds of tattoo machines –General Knowledge

22/10/2010 21:07

There are different tattoo machines available in the market like the liner which is used to make outlines of a tattoo. The machine comes with 8 wrap coils. The Shader comes with 10 wrap coils in the motor and is used for shading the tattoo with different colors. Mostly artists use the conventional rotary machines, an outdated technology and less efficient the coil machines. The Coil tattoo machine is better than rotary machine and is based on the electromagnetic technology.



Your needs would determine which type of machine you want. A person becomes truly acquainted with the art when he knows the fine tuning of his machine. This is not learnt until the person is well acquainted with all the parts of the machine. He must know how to tear down the whole machine and then put it back together. This would require him to get proper training by a good mentor.


Some self taught artists are also able to work as well as the trained professionals. A few simple things that must be kept in mind are that when the machine is being used for lining then the armature bar must be closer to the coils about 2mm and the tattoo machines must be given 6.5V of voltage. For shading the armature bar must be placed further away about 4-5 mm and must be given 9V of voltage. The needle thickness about 1-1.5 mm but it depends on how thick the skin of the person being tattooed is.


Tattooing is a serious business and artists should know all about tattooing before they start off with marking someone with a permanent tattoo. Remember to always cater in the safety precautions and sterilize the needles and throw them away once used, or buy disposable tattoo needles which are pre-sterilized and individually packed with a indicator to show whether the needle is safe or not. There are also some other one time use tattoo supplies available on the market, with them you could organize your tattoo parlor without investing an expensive autoclave.