Try to Choose Your Perfect Tattoo Kit

29/02/2012 11:58

As time past, many things forget their first appearance, so why not to choose classic things which never fade away.

To choose a perfect tattoo kit is important. But how to choose? First, if you are a tattoo lover or tattoo beginner, so you may just want a beginner tattoo kit which contains a tattoo machine for liner and shader, tattoo power supply, various colors tattoo inks, different size tattoo needles, grips, alloy and some other tattoo accessories.

Then, you need to get some tattoo knowledge which you get tattoo can used. Such as youtube, and some excellent tattoo guide articles or something else. If you still can’t solve any problems in tattoo process, you also can ask your friend who have much experience.

If you are a professional tattoo artist, you may want get a professional or complete tattoo kit. As the professional tattoo kit contains varies kinds of guns, needles, caps, tips, inks, and a high stand quality tattoo power supply. Some complete tattoo kits also contains some DVDs and tattoo design, so you can free to do it.

The tattoo machine always plays the most important role in the tattoo kits, so you should pay more attention to the machine. As we know there are many kinds various and materials. Common materials are carbon steel, carbon alloy, clad steel, cast iron and so on. It’s up to your business. The shapes of tattoo machine also have many styles, such as bullet, skull, empaistic etc. You needn’t to pure the shapes of tattoo machine, the way of you handing the machine is the most important.

When you finish tattoo, it is suggest you to cover the tattoo area with plastic film, so you can avoid from infections and dust. After you finish it about four hours, please use warm water to clean and covered the tattoo area with vitamin d or some prevent cream. It will help your tattoo last forever.