Top 5 China tattoo Manufacturers

30/10/2010 15:40

It is a common fact that a high quality product may not always be expensive. Cheap equipment may also be bought at reasonable prices; all a person has to do is search for the best suppliers. Tattooing is an art and is mostly dependent on the skills of the artist and the equipment that he is using.


The type of equipment will determine the quality of tattoo too. You need not always start off with buying expensive products that may not be necessarily user friendly. All you need to do is to get a nice and quick start with buying quality products that are in your reach. There are many companies which have emerged as potential competitors supplying quality products at cheap prices. The top 5 China tattoo manufacturers providing cheap solution to buying equipment are:


1. Yongkang Dongcheng Hobo Tattoo Equipment Manufactory

The company is a trustworthy tattoo machine manufacturer. The company provides power supplies, tattoo machines, disposable tubes, tips, tattoo needles, stainless steel grips and tattoo accessories at affordable prices.


2. MC Tattoo Beauty Equipment (HK) Co. Ltd.

The company is a Chinese supplier of tattoo machines. The company has long served the industry and provides high quality products. The manufacturing is done via trained professionals and modern technical tools. The suppliers aim to enhance their service and quality of products even further while keeping prices low.


3. Yongkang city New View Industry & Trading Co. Ltd.

The professional manufacturers have emerged as one of the biggest and most popular suppliers in China. The company manufactures quality equipment including tattoo needles, handgrips, piercing tools, makeup machines, piecing jeweler, eyelet/tips and many more accessories.


4. Wenzhou Ouhai huhe Electrical Appliances Factory

The company has emerged as a professional manufacturer of tattoo machines. The company aims to compete the tattoo power products and the development of tattoo products by the international market. The company was founded in 2002 and is a R&D, design, sales and manufactory and now is also the professional tattoo equipment suppliers.


5. Flydragon Tattoo Supplies Co. Ltd.

The Chinese suppliers provide tattoo equipment which are pre-made and can also provide customized equipment. The supplies include tattoo ink, grips, tattoo needles, handmade and other tattoo machines, piercing needles, pre-made needles, tattoo kits, body piercing jeweler y and many other tattoo accessories.


The globalization has made life easier and everything at a click away. More information about tattoo suppliers can be gained through the internet. The purchasing is now pain free and easier than ever before. You can also consult tattoo artists and tattoo shops for better advice and latest trends in machines and equipments. Ask people who have been in the industry for a long time period and are well acquainted with companies and quality and prices of products. Also learn to compare prices and quality of different tattoo suppliers and decide after you are fully satisfied.


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