To Clean a Tattoo Machine Frame

24/06/2011 10:32

Tattoo machine can be seen as a most frequently used device with a very close relation to the human’s handy work, for the tattoo artists must hold the GRP of the machine which is to be stuck by the tattoo machine frame for the artists to practice several hours to finish even a tiny tattoo pattern with a narrow area.


Even though the tattoo machine can be called as an outer packing for the tattoo machine, however, actually, the whole device of the machine is not an enclosed form which could seal all the inside parts exclusively away from the outside world. The role that a tattoo machine frame plays is that it only does the job of bracing other mechanical components all together by its semi-closed frame form, by bracing other parts it mainly means that connecting the tip which contains the needle and the two coils together so the electromagnetic power would make the needle push movements up and downs, by the way of through coils. So, some of the tattoo machine frames have the form of covering one side of the coils to make it look like a small wall, but some other don’t. They just leave the coils showing out without any shelter.


So, here comes the problem of cleaning tattoo machines. Of course, a tattoo machine frame also deserves an attention equal to the tattoo machine though many people would miss it by accident. As we all know, tattoo machine’s cleaning is not as usual as any common devices. Because the machine’s needle and other parts which may also contact with the customers’ skin, those specific parts need to be cleaning by professional sterilization apparatus.


However, the tattoo machine frame doesn’t need to be sterilized specially as those certain parts, yet still, it needs frequently cleaning for it is the outsider skin of the tattoo machine and the semi-closed form of it would make it very easy to get dusty in its narrow corners. While practice, you may incautiously splash some ink onto the frame, if so, use sterilized cotton to wipe it over. Please remember, don’t use soap or other special oils or something, because they can be corroding for the frame, and thus affect its working function.