Tips about Tattoo Guns

25/01/2011 14:49

Tattoo guns are the only tools to assist tattoo artists to practice their career. Professional tattoo artists know every detail about their close friends and get along with them very well. In the following text of this passage, I will generalize the tattoo guns, in the hope of giving you a systematic overview of this hundred years device, as well as some little tips you may neglect even as a senior tattoo artist.


Since the first version of tattoo gun has been invented by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891, tattoo equipments have the development history of over one hundred years. Modern tattoo guns usually are assembled with two electromagnetic coils to get started into the work. Coils’ number may be different according to different types of tattoo guns, which are the gun for lining, and the gun for shading, in line with two main drawing techniques of tattooing. Some guns may combine these two functions into one whole set, so called all-in-one tattoo gun, but mostly they are separated. Guns for shading are demanded for having stronger force while practicing, with the working power of 10W, on the contrary, guns for lining requires high frequency, with the working power of 8W. Usually the coils number or lining is 8, but for shading 10 to support extra strength.


Many tattoo artists would prefer the soft strength of tattoo guns. This type gun could extend the staying of the needles in the tip to get more intake of ink; also will do good to prevent hurting dedicate human skin.


Even you got a satisfying tattoo gun, you need to learn how to set up and modify your tool. After long run of use, tattoo guns would show degradation, namely gun wearing. To prevent this happen, in spare time you could loosen the rubber ring to keep the needle strength.


Tattoo guns cleaning and sterilization is one key procedure which demands the apparatus of autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaner. Please keep in mind all the time that the gun should not be soaked in the water for cleaning, by which would cause damage to the wrap coils.