The Risks of Using the Homemade Tattoo Guns

03/05/2011 16:08

With the popularity of the tattoo art, the tattoo products floods on the market, and the prices are higher and higher. So in order to save the budgets, some tattoo artists choose to make the tattoo machines at home by themselves. Moreover, electric toothbrushes, electric guitar string and propelling pencils are some just some simple tools for designing the tattoo guns at home, they are easy to get, which make some artists more inclined to do it themselves. But in my opinion, it is not recommended to use the homemade tattoo guns, because it exists some hidden risks. Let us have a deep explore into it.

Most homemade tattoo guns lack good capability of tuning, which will cause some errors, like the mistake of penetration of trial. And there is also another risk, namely going through too many layers may leave some scars below the tattoo, and it will cause a deep pain to the person who wants to get a tattoo, at the same time the final result is the tattoo permanently raised off the skin and unsightly.

 If you choose the homemade tattoo guns, it is also very likely that you will use the cheap tattoo ink, which may contain some harmful chemicals to the health and result in some allergic reflect on some people.

During one hour the tattoo guns work, it punctures the skin 180,000 times, and the small hole has an average depth of 1/32 of an inch. What we should concern is that all these small wounds are open to the outside world and will get infectious easily, some diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, tetanus, tuberculosis and about any other blood-borne disease. In addition, if all these tattoo machines do not get stterlized properly, the customer will get infectious to many dangerous diseases.

It is impossible to achieve a high quality design with the homemade tattoo guns.So think twice again before you make your choice to use the homemade tattoo guns. For the sake of your career and the long run of your business, you should avoid using the homemade tattoo guns. Go to the, which is a big tattoo guns supplier, you have lots of choices there.