The kinds of Tattoo Ink-------skyrock

06/05/2011 15:03


Tattoo is becoming increasingly popular in our society. For the tattoo enthusiasts, choose a tattoo is just like choose a good partner, so it is necessary to have a good understanding about the tattoo, and the tattoo ink is the most important element of tattoo. No matter for the people who want to get a tattoo or the tattoo artists, it is better to know the tattoo inks.

Tattoo ink consists of two parts, namely the tattoo ink pigments and the carrier. Pigments are made from vegetable dyes, plastics, heavy metals, minerals and some other things, while the carrier is some kind of liquid that can spread the ink evenly to tattoo design.

There exist various tattoo ink colors. Some tattoo ink colors are better than the others, for example, the black and the blue tattoo ink is the common choice, for they can last longer time than the other colors. However, the red and the yellow are the opposite, they fade the fastest and not look as good as it ages, in addition, some reported that they get allergic with the two tattoo ink colors. So think carefully before choosing the tatoo ink colors.

There are temporary tattoo and permanent tattoo. The temporary tattoo is very cheap and you can remove it at any time you want. It is more secure. The eternal tattoo is the tattoo enthusiasts’ choice, they enjoy the feeling with tattoo on their bodies. You can get the temporary tattoo ink colors on which is professional tattoo ink supplier. As for the permanent tattoo, you should be very careful, because the tattoo inks cause some harm to our skin to certain degree. The common risks of tattoo inks are allergic reaction and infectious to some diseases like Tetanus, Hepatitis B and hepatitis C. So to choose the high quality tattoo inks is vital, or it will bring more harm than good.

The most popular tattoo ink is UV tattoo glow ink. All the tattoo ink colors are visible and glow in the blacklight, which makes the party lovers full of charms and become the focus. So it is a good choice for the people who often take in parties.


Just keep in mind above the tips to choose the best quality tattoo inks and know more about the tattoo ink colors.