Tattoo Needles------What You Don’t know Will Hurt You

05/08/2011 09:50

Do you interested in tattoos? That’s good, but how much you know about the tattoo tools which are used in the tattoo process. Especially the tools which directly contact with our skin, or they may hurt you. This article I will talk about the knowledge about the tattoo needles.

First, let know what are theyTattoo needle is not just one but a few together. You just regard them as one unit. They work for attached to a needle bar.

Secondly, this unit often is contained 3 to 7 or more needles. The function of every needle is different.

Thirdly, there are many artists think tattoo needles are the most crucial part of the tattoo machine. They typically used by one or two times. Don’t ignore the needles; choose appropriately needles can do the procedure exactly.

Fourth, the needle is soldered onto bar of the tattoo machine. The bars are divided into two types, one is a shader and the other one is a liner. The shader has a flat end and the liner has a round end. Shader is used to fill in the spaces and liner is used to create the design.

Fifth, tattoo needles with tubes and grips will give you a good feel of handle. They also save the money which buy arms.

Sixth, disposable tattoo needles come popular, as all the needles have been sterilized in advance. Tattoo artists can save much time to sterilizing and easy do a safe tattoo. The price of them is really favorable.

These are all things which you should keep in mind, you can choose one kind needles which you can handle best. The feeling of handle the tattoo tools is important. is an online store which offerd cheap and professional tattoo needles and other tattoo supplies, we are aiming at giving you 100% sanctification.