My Experience about the Tattoo Machine Frame

04/07/2011 15:00

As a tattoo machine business man who also sells single parts of the tattoo machine such like the tube, the armature bar and the tattoo machine frame, I have three years of being a junior tattoo artist previously before. For all these years I have dealt a lot and learned a lot about the tattoo machines as well as the tattoo machine frames.


The tattoo machine, which requires many single parts’ cooperation with the help of a tattoo machine frame sticking them together, is a very interesting device and is the only helpful assistant for the tattoo artist to launch their tattoo practice. Besides the whole sets of the tattoo machines, the most common goods that I sell are the tattoo machine frames.


As a seller, you need to know the characters and specific functions of your goods. For the tattoo machine frame, for a very helpful example, is the essential part of the whole machine equipment. Let’s start with its materials.


There are many viable materials, such as iron, copper, or brass, which can all be used to cast the tattoo machine frame. In today’s market, stainless steel is a very popular raw material for the frame, for the reason that most tattoo machine frame is very easy to get corroded due to the tattoo ink or artists’ cleaning, or things like that. The stainless steel frame can solve the problem perfectly and extend the machine’s service life. However, some senior tattoo artists claim that frames that are made out of brass and copper raw materials are classical because though stainless steel can resist rot, it can never have the heavy metal features, say, fine ability of heat conduction. If long being a tattoo artist, you would get the importance of the machine frame not to be overheated during your practice, which is really a horrifying thing for both you and your custom.


The other fact you need to know about the tattoo machine frame is its dimension. It is also vital because the main function of the tattoo machine frame is to hold the magnet coils and let them have comfortable space to work with the armature bar to generate the needles up and down movement. Basically, the standard coils are 1.25 inch or 3.8 diameter, you need to make sure if your frame is up to this standard.