More about Tattoo Power Supplies-How They Work?

06/04/2011 16:24

 Tattoo machines can do nothing without the help of a tattoo power supply. For a proper use of that, at the very beginning, we should at least know how a tattoo power supply works. Don’t underestimate it, which helps you buy a decent one and give tattoos in a smoother and less painful way.

  Tattoo power supplies look like small boxes that have various sizes, which are used to deliver power to tattoo machines to get the inserted tattoo needles move in and out people’s skin at a proper speed. Generally, you will find two jacks on the power supply: one connects to tattoo machines and the other one goes to a foot pedal. Machine power supplies of different qualities will run various amps.

  Usually, the input voltage of tattoo power supplies is 100V~240V AC (alternating current) power, which is unsteadily fluctuating, making it possible for them to run normally in any country. The main function of it is to change the AC into more reliable and steady DC (direct current) power. Then the Output Voltage will be 0V to 18V, 2A DC power. As a result, the tattoo machine connected to that power supply can receive a steady and consistent power during tattoo process and performs better in shading and lining work.

  Tattoo power supplies with LCD screens display the details of your current voltage, duty, CPS, follow through, working voltage intensity and any other related things, enabling you to get a more accurate idea of your machines’ working status.

  Each machine power supply will have a turn knob on it allowing you to tune a most suitable amount of voltage that will be sent to tattoo machines. In a more professional way, this knob will be called a rheostat control. As different tattoo machines need different amounts of power for lining and shading, you can make adjustment by that knob.

  Understanding how tattoo power supplies work is essential to the process of modern tattooing. You may need to pay much more attention to that and create tattoos smoother and less painful.