Making Sure Your Tattoo Needles in a Good Condition

14/08/2012 14:18

Making tattoo is more and more popular. Most people like tattoo and want tattoo, but they are worrying about a question that is risk of tattoo.

During the tattooing, whether you ignore the tattoo needles? No matter what level tattoo artist you are, you all should pay attention to tattoo needles. As the needles are directly contract with our human skin, we must consider the hygiene conditions of them.

As a tattoo artist who has a strong responsibility, you should make sure your customers will have lowest risk of infection. So when you choosing tattoo needles should notice several tips.

First, we should choose the needles which have well-package. Some tattoo needles are pre- sterilized before in the package. These needles are directly used after opening the package. Some tattoo needles are needed to sterilize after opening the package.

Second, real professional tattoo needles always explain which purpose they used for. RS and RL are used for round shader and round liner, while, FS and FL are used for flat shader and flat liner.

And they have their own size, you can depend what size you often used, and make a note when you buy tattoo needles about the size.

Third, buy professional tattoo needles from professional tattoo supplier is a good choice. You can take easy with the quality.

Above these are personal advices. Certainly, these needles are used only once. Tattoo is a kind of art, we should make sure our customers’ safe, so that we can make our customers’ enjoy healthier and more beautiful life.