Make Tattoo Ink Colors Match Your Skin Tone

09/04/2012 16:05

 Undoubtedly, having tattoos on the body has been a fashion among people of all age ranges. Those gorgeous designs indeed give some highlight to personalities. To get a tattoo, you may need to concern about a series of things, among which, choosing some suitable tattoo ink colors seems to be a key point. Besides the coordination of various pigments on the design, another thing it matters is whether the colors match your skin tone or not.

  Basically, the skin tone falls into three category: fair skin, medium skin and dark skin. Let’s see what ink colors fit them most.

  Bolder colors work quite well on fair skin. You can decide the darkness of the tattoo ink colors according to how fair is your skin tone. Quite light colors like white are suggested not to apply as they look so similar to your skin tone that they won’t be noticeable. For really fair skin, red and pink will be a good choice, and you may shader with purple, making the tattoo design really attractive. Never try yellow or orange, which makes no complements to fair skin.

  Medium skin tone is pretty suitable for tattoos as it has more choices for tattoo ink colors, such as bright blue, orange, yellow, green, purple etc. Bright pink performs well, but it will fade in a short time. For shades, light and medium colors will be a better choice than dark or bold ones.

  Dark skin will need more time to think about the colors to apply on, especially for shading work. Usually, really light tattoo ink colors like light pink, blue and white seem to the best choice. if you skin appears to be really dark, you may try red or blue as to make the shade’s colors lighter or darker than the skin will be a more convenient way to get the proper pigments.

Don’t think it a challenging work to choose the tattoo ink colors. You must have rich experience in choosing clothes with suitable colors for yourselves. Then you may feel it easier. You may make some experiences with different ink colors to shader on skin of different tones and record those colors that perform well. As you’ve remembered that, the next time you apply them, you will feel at ease to get a suitable pigment. This maybe a good way to make your chosen tattoo ink colors match your skin tone.