Love Tattoos? Have You Realized the Importance of Tattoo Needles and Tattoo Ink?

22/02/2011 11:06

It’s not exaggerated to say that among ten people, there must be a person who is a tattoo addict. Having a tattoo on body is no longer that queer in modern life, and most people want to show their unique personality by getting a distinctive tattoo design. Some tattoo designs will also help them to attractive other people’s eyes and be the center of parties.

  To get a tattoo, you need a whole set of tattoo equipment, like tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo ink and other tattoo accessories. You know how important a tattoo machine is during the process of tattooing, but have you realized the importance of needles and ink?

  You can regard tattoo needles and tattoo ink as the body and soul of tattooing. Tattoo artists always require a good set of ink colors and suitable sterilized needles, or exquisite tattoo designs can’t be accomplished. Needles and ink are two necessary assistants for tattoo machines.

  According to the usage, tattoo needles can be divided into two categories: disposable needles and reusable needles.

Disposable needles can be used only once and they are pretty convenient to use. You can never try to sterilize them and re-use them; just dispose them without any hesitation after one-time use. They will come to you with aseptic packages. On the contrary, you can use reusable needles numerous times as long as they don’t exceed the expiry date printed on the package and still meet your needs, but sterilizing before use is required.

If you make a classification according to their application, tattoo needles fall into to liner needles and shader needles, which will be different in appearances and sizes. Liner needles are for making the outlines or diagram of a tattoo while shader ones will be used to color the outline and shading the diagram. These needles are also required to be sterilized and you can’t be too careful to use them to relief the risk of getting infected with blood diseases.

Then, how about tattoo ink?

The last step of tattooing is to color the tattoo design to make it much more vivid. You can’t always make a tattoo design like tribal style ones whose color is always black, so you need some colors to make a supplement of the verisimilitude of your tattoos. Ink is the thing gives life to tattoo designs, without which, the original meaning of the design can’t be fully expressed.

Tattooing is really an exquisite work that requires your patience and close attention, and also, asks for more complete equipment. If you really love tattooing, you can never think the only important thing needed, just don’t forget the body and soul-tattoo needles and tattoo ink.