How to Use a Magnum Tattoo Needle

04/07/2012 17:49

Magnum tattoo needles are also called magnum shaders. Magnum shaders can provide depth and various tattoo ink put into the tattoo. Of cause, different size brings different effects.

Magnum tattoo needles are specifically used for careful tattoo process. The needles are arranged in two or more rows even in curve. It is the same usage with other tattoo needle, at the same time, tattoo machine don’t needed to set, just remains the same.


  1. First fit the magnum tattoo needle into the machine tube. The needle will hang down below the tube at the end of the needle bar.
  2. The needle was attached to the armature of the machine. Use a rubber to tighten the screw, so the tattoo needle will not move in the sanitary during the tattoo process.
  3. In order to show 1/16 to 1/32 of the needle, you can adjust the sanitary tube by yourselves. You can connect the tattoo machine power supply and start the test of the foot pedal.
  4. Ready for the needed tattoo ink into the ink cup, when you are tattooing you can use the magn um needle to dip the tattoo ink and start your tattoo.

Things Should Notice

When you moving the flat magnum shaders in curve, it may rip skin and cause scarring. About the needle, don’t go further than 1/16-1/32 of the tattoo needle into the shin, or will cause bleeding and more pain. If it’s bleeding excessively, the ink will bleed out and ruin the tattoo.