How to Tune a Liner Tattoo Machine

20/04/2012 16:14

Tattoo machines used as an important equipment to create artwork. Certain techniques and knowledge are needed, as some tattoo equipments needed to set up, so they can work better. We often call the way of setting tattoo machine as tuning. Tuning a tattoo machine for lining means mounting the tattoo needles and set the speed.

  1. Hold a tattoo machine and make the coils at your eye level. When you press down the armature bar, if you see the front coil touches the bar as it comes down and rear coil connected with the bar, otherwise, or they hit at the same time, so you should to adjust the  shims coils. You can buy shims from a professional tattoo supplier.
  2. You can remove the retaining bar on the tattoo machine, and adjust the machine speed by turning left. Much left means much slower, but you should notice the volt will be become 6 volts. Remember to replace the screw of the retaining bar.
  3. The spring tension will make shorter or longer stoke. It will directly affect the tattoo needles and work on lining.
  4. Prepare the tube, needles and rubber bands. Don’t use flat needles for lining.
  5. Use a clean disposable cloth to cover your work area. Latex gloves are needed.
  6. It is suggested that use sterile needles. To make the needles a slight bend, just a slight curve, so they can have a tension when insert the machine.
  7. Use rubber bands to wrap the needle arm and around the back of the tattoo machine, it can increase the tension of the needle. What kind of lining you choose, you can adjust the speed of the machine. Typically, heavier lining suit more speed and depth than common lining.

Tattoo machines always play an important role in tattoo process. To choose good one is benefit your tattoo. Purchase professional tattoo supplies from wholesaler tattoo supplier, You can enjoy good quality, cheap price and bulk bargain.