How to Set Up Tattoo Machines?

18/03/2011 15:17

When you get a new set of tattoo machines, the first thing you need to do is to set it up into the best working condition for the tattoo practice. I will now teach you how and which steps you should take to get your tattoo machines prepared:

Step 1: Use your left hand to hold the tube and grip, and index finger to withstand the bottom of armature bar, at the same time your thumb is pressing the contact screw.

Step 2: Switch on the alternating current, and connect the wire into the hole of tattoo machines.

Step 3: pinch the contact screw with your right thumb and index finger to loose it into slack.

Step 4: hold the contact screw steady with your right thumb and index finger and at the same time step on the foot pedal, to start the tattoo machine.

Step 5: Please note that when adjusting contact screw, do not let go or loosen your right hand of it until the tattoo machine starting working with the best speed and sound. During the process you should try your left thumb to test the bottom of the contact screw. If your left thumb feels numb and itches, then this is the maximum of vibration of the tattoo machine, which means the best working condition achieved.

Step 6: during the whole process of adjusting new tattoo machines, the working route should be paid attention especially. The working route is the distance between the magnetic strip and magnetic coils, which should be controlled at least above 2.5mm. In this way the needle is permitted with enough retracted distance, able to penetrate the bottom of epidermis when stretching out, and dip more ink after getting back into the needle tip.

Step 7: When finishing adjusting the tattoo machine into the best working condition, you could let go with the foot pedal, and cut off the power to make the tattoo machine stop, and then, fix the contact screw into the most tightened state with your right thumb and index finger, locking it when you done.

Now, you can restart your newly adjusted tattoo machines to find them working in the best condition.