How to Install Tattoo Needles into Tattoo Machines

14/01/2011 11:42

The tattoo needles inserted into tattoo machines can be called the essential core to the whole tattoo practice, which is the most direct part of tattoo machines contacting to the human bodies and leaving colorfully tattooed patterns. To know how to install the tattoo needles into the tattoo machines, the proper way to maintain it and the common problems as well as the solution to them would be very useful to most tattoo artists. Here below are some tips of knowledge for you to get an overall idea of the tattoo machine needles:

Let’s start with how to install tattoo needles.

Step one; adjust your tattoo machine into the best working condition which could be told from the clear strong working sound and high speed with powerful torsion.

Step two; check the tip of tattoo needle to see if it’s ok without damage.

Step three; use special device to remove the top hat 3 in order to take off the tip.

Step four; insert the needle from the top of the tube and hang it onto the position of contact screw, then make it fixed to the top hat grommet.

The installation of tattoo machine needles is quite easy. However, the main and real problems often show up in the middle of the working process, so we should continue with the main stoppage of tattoo machines needles.

Problem one; the inserted tattoo needle doesn’t move along when it’s penetrating the skin.

When this happens, the reason might be the curved hook of the needle or the over length of the needle tip. If so, smooth the needle and adjust the tube to short the tip length. When all these do not help, that means low voltage block the movement of the needle which need you to check your power supply.

Problem two; the tattoo needle displays an off and on working state.

This is mainly caused by the poor contact between the spring and the coils, or the over heat generated by the tattoo machines due to long time working. If according solutions do not help, check your power supply again, because low voltage may cause this problem, too.