How to Get Over Fear of Tattoo Needles?

16/06/2011 15:05

One of my friends wants to get tattooed, but she said she is quite afraid of the tattoo needles. It’s horrible for her to image the needles moving back and forth in the skin. Maybe you will have this fear as well, so I would like to share some opinions to help you get over it.

The first and foremost thing is to get as much knowledge about tattoo needles as you can. Women who pursue beauty may fear that it may leave scars on their body after get tattooed. If you really have rich information, you will be informed that your ideal tattoo designs will be done without leaving any scar.

Have you ever get poke with a needle? Maybe not tattoo needles, but those needles used to sew your clothes. You may bleed, but after some proper care, your skin will recover soon. The same with tattoo needles, they won’t hurt you as badly as you suppose to. My friend did so. She used to think that tattoo needles may bring really painful experience and the blood will bleed hardly when the needles moving. Just take it easy. Tattoo artists that help you get tattooed are pretty skilled as they have been in this business for years. They surely know how to care for your skin and make your tattooing experience less painful.

If you have some friends have got tattooed before, talk to them. I bet they will tell you some details of the whole process. Or you can search for some videos to see how a tattoo design is done on the skin. The more you know, the less fear you will have.

The most important thing is to try. Numerous people telling you it’s that horrible as you image repeatedly is less useful than you experience it yourself. Just like drinking a cup of water, only the one who drink it knows whether the water is hot or cold. Others say tattooing is painful maybe the pain he got is beyond his endurance, but you can bear it and feel at ease. So you just try if you really want to get tattooed.

More suggestions: do some surveys to find the tattoo artist who is recommended by most people and follow the artists’ advice.

 Hope I did help you get over fear of tattoo needles. Take it easy. Enjoy a happy tattooing to make yourself more unique.