How to Create a Temporary Glitter Tattoo Design?

31/12/2010 11:23

For those who are eager to get a tattoo on their body, but are afraid of the tattoo needles or making every effort to avoid being infected with blood disease, the best choice for them is to try temporary glitter tattoo, which has nothing to do with needles and blood as glitter tattoos are applied on the surface of your skin. You can enjoy a safer tattooing.

So, how to create a temporary glitter tattoo design?

The first thing is to prepare all the materials you need: 3 layer self adhesive glimmer stencils, cosmetic grade glitters, paint-on glimmer tattoo brushes, glimmer glue and cleaning supplies.

OK, start now!

Firstly, use alcohol swabs to clean the area where a tattoo design will be applied on, which ensures your design lasting longer.

  Then, choose a glitter stencil and put it on the skin. Peel the top 2 layers, leaving the black layer only and make sure it is flat on the skin.

  The next step is to apply the glimmer glue to cover the whole area that is related to the tattoo design. Peel the stencil off your skin before the glue dries up so you can make a clearer and sharper outline for your design. It takes 5 to 10 seconds for the glue on your skin to dry, judging by whether the tattoo shows clearly.

   And then, paint the glitters with the help the glimmer brush. You should have a brief idea of which colors can be chosen. Dip the same brush on the chosen glitter colors one by one and paint on the skin. Don’t forget to shake off the excess glitters before dipping into another color, or the colors will be mixed. Pay close attention to the outline of your design and sweep the glitters outside of the edge going in. The paint-on technique helps you control the glitters’ placement more easily and you can be more creative during the process, quite amazing.

   The last thing, use the glimmer sweeping brush to sweep the excess glitter into the design so that the whole design will be covered with glitters. The extra glitters should be brush off. Till now, a shining glitter tattoo design has been created.

   See? It’s pretty difficult to make one and no harm or pain will do to you.

   Usually, a temporary glitter tattoo design will last approximately one week under normal conditions, and the longest is 15days. Children like that and so do the ladies since glitter tattoos make them more attractive on parties.

   No hesitations any more, get a glitter temporary tattoo kit to start your glitter tattoos now!