How to Buy Tattoo Needles

12/04/2012 17:21

Once you have own your tattoo machine, the next step is buy tattoo needles. Tattoo needle is a group including variety size needles, but you need to know which types of needles you need and what kind of quality to look for.


1. Prepare variety tattoo needles for tattoo need. You will use these needles for outlining and shading. Smaller needles can use for outline and larger needles can use for thicker.

2. The most common used liner needles include 3,4,5,7.8,9,11,13,14,15,18. You can choose a good mix of liner needles. Typically, single needles are rarely used by most tattoo artists.

3. The most common used shader needles include 4,6,7,9. Some tattoo artist will use a round liner or bigger magnum or mag liners for a large fills. It will be easy to fill the color. Larger shader needles such as 45 flats or a 100 round, in fact, these needles are rarely used.

4. You should learn to compare the quality of the tattoo needles. Some cheaper price needles you may find their package is not well, or not in the stand sanitation. These factors may cause infection or more pain during the tattoo process. So it is important for you to compare the quality of the needles before you buy them.

5.You can buy the tattoo needles though many ways. Of cause, different companies different price. You can compare them by looking for discount. There are many tattoo needles cheap sale on the Internet Tattoo supplier often offer discount to bulk orders. If you are a tattoo artist who lives by tattoo, you can order the needles in large quantities at one time so you can save your money and time.

6. If you want to order on the Internet, shipping cost and time you should have put in consideration. Another advantage that is you order large quantities at one time can save your shipping cost directly. If you want these tattoo needles immediately, you have to pay more shipping cost to speed up the shipping time. is a professional tattoo supplier, when you want but tattoo supplies you can compare the price on our site, whatever the quantity you want to order, we will try our best provide you wholesale price, so you might find surprise with our products. More information, please check out: Tattoo Needles.