How to Buy a Tattoo Power Supply

08/08/2011 10:09

Tattoo artists always pride of their artwork, these thanks to good tattoo equipments and their ability to perform at peak. Right tattoo machine is important, but the tattoo power supply is more important, as these powers will provide high performance to support tattoo machines.


1.       Determine the voltage which you required. You can find tattoo power supplies act the volt from 1.5 to 20. The higher voltage, the more power you can get.

2.       There are two types of power supply in the market, that is digital power supply and analog power supply. You should decide which type you want. You can accord your experience to choose which readout you prefer. General speaking, digital power supply will be more accurate but the price is higher than analog one.

3.       The amount of power which required is depending on the pressure on the tattoo needles. Many regulated machines will auto benefit with the fluctuations, some areas may not.

4.       When you buy tattoo power supply, you should buy one which suits your tattoo machines, as some tattoo power supply can only be used for coil operated machine, other only can be used for rotary and other can be used for both.

5.       Typically, tattoo artist always have not only one tattoo machine, so you ’ d better to choose one which can suit whatever tattoo machines.

6.       You should take the size, weight and portability into the consideration when you want to buy one. You can depend on your workload to choose right one. For example, if you are a travel artist, you can choose light weight and compact one.

7.       The price of it. There is a range of the price of the tattoo power supply from $40-$400 or higher. If you think the price of it is OK, you can take above into the consideration. is an online store which specialized in wholesale tattoo supplies, more tattoo equipments information you can get here. To choose a best tattoo power supply from here and start your feature tattoo career.