How to Assemble a Tattoo Kit

01/08/2011 16:56

Do you have an idea that set a tattoo kit for you by yourselves? Maybe you are a tattoo beginner; you don’t know how to set the kit up. This article will talk about the how to assemble a tattoo kit.


Setting up the components of your tattoo kit

1.       Insert the tubes into the slot on the front of the tattoo machine, and use screw to secure it in place. You can wear gloves to assemble the machine. Remember tattoo machine always play an important role during the tattoo process, so to choose good quality machines for your tattoo kit is very benefit.


2.       Insert the tattoo needles into the tube, you should notice that don’t make the end of the needle bump the tube, or it will lead a painful tattoo.

3.       Use rubber bands around the tattoo machine’s coils and over the bar of the needle. Or the needles will move back and forth, will make the skin of your customer get hurt.

4.       You plug in the tattoo power supply; attach the red and black leads to the tattoo machine. You don’t care the red and black leads from the power supply attached which holes of the machine.

5.       Turn on the power supply, and one foot press on the foot pedal.

6.       Made the ink caps been filled of the tattoo ink in the ink holder. Be prepared the colors which you wanted before you start tattoos.

7.       Now, you can create a design on real or practice skin. It is suggested that you use transfer paper to make a design. Or when you outline appear mistakes, it can’t repair, especially for tattoo starters. In fact, it is easy to use transfer paper, press the paper down firmly and smoothly and tears them, you will see the design which you want is clearly on the skin. You just full the tattoo ink color is OK.

All the tattoo supplies you can be assembled a tattoo kit from You can free choose one by one which you think well. High quality tattoo supplies decides high quality tattoos, hope you have a wonderful tattoo life.