How do Prisoners Make Their Tattoo Machines?

05/09/2011 10:33

Modern tattoo industry is very prosperous. Tattoo artists have high skilled crafts and tattoo appliances that are duly exquisite no matter cheap or expensive. However, when we recall the retrospection of the tattoo industry beginning, it would definitely lead to prisoners in the old times to mark their gangs or power.

But the question is, when in the prison, how did they get tattooed on their own body? Where did they get the tattoo equipment? Or if they had tattoo machine kits being able to help them finish tattooing when the circumstances was lack of tools and sterilization?

  Actually, making a set of cheap tattoo machines with common things in our daily life is much easier than you can imagine. Without the help of a professional tattoo machine to draw a tattoo on your body, you can make a simple one to do the nail job.

Things below are necessary: a fountain pen, a tooth brush, an eraser, a lighter, guitar strings, ink, batteries, tapes and a small motor which would operate the batteries.

Let’s start with the fountain pen. Take off the ink tube and get rid of its ball. Cut a proper section of the guitar string making the needle to fit into the tip of the fountain pen.

Remove the bristles of the tooth brush, and then use your lighter to heat in the middle to make the tooth brush in 90 degree form. Hold it until it’s stiff.

Join the above two items together with your tapes. And then put it aside to the nest staff.

Take the eraser to attach the middle of the motor shaft, and the put the end of the guitar string into the eraser.

Now the last thing is to find a power source. Then contact the batteries to the switch to make the motor work.

Basically the whole thing is done. If you are not very certain about the working condition of your handmade tattoo machine, you can try it on a banana.

In old times, prisoners usually use this way to make their tattoo machine. Making a tattoo machine yourself is not for money-saving, but for fun and to learn more about the work of it. We now are pretty lucky as we can choose from a large series of cheap tattoo machines that do really good tattooing job.