Good LED Ceiling Lights are the New Generation Lights

26/09/2011 14:26

LED ceiling lamp is a kind of LED lights that is installed inside the room. In view of relatively flat top of the light, close to the roof when installed, like adsorbing the roof, the led light is called led ceiling light. With advantages of high brightness, energy conservation, convenient installation, free maintenance, green environmental protection, long life and high efficiency, led ceiling lights are the best choice of houses, schools, shops and office lighting.

With high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long lifespan, easy control, free maintenance, safety and environmental protection, LED is a new generation of cold light source.

Compared to energy-saving lamps, led ceiling lights have advantages of saving electricity, high brightness, good performance, wide operating voltage range. Light source can achieve various colors change through built-in microcomputer controller with soft, bright and colorful light, low loss, low energy consumption and green environmental protection. All LED stage lighting fixtures are not the same. Even though you can buy them cheap doesn’t mean that you should and all of the above points are more apparent in cheap LED lighting fixtures. A good quality Led lighting manufacturer will always be more expensive but, in general, the quality of the light and fixture will be far superior.

Led ceiling light has got a lot going for it. The lights can be far more efficient than other types of lights, and the bulbs are supposed to last for tens of thousands of hours--enough to last 20 or 30 years depending on usage. Unlike CFLs, there's no mercury, the light is instant, and turning lights on and off shouldn't degrade their useful life, according to manufacturers. 

An LED bulb that puts out almost as much light as a 40-watt incandescent but uses less than 9 watts. The downside of LEDs, feature-wise, has always been the light color; the bluish light LEDs have traditionally had feels cold, particularly compared with the warm glow from incandescent and halogen bulbs. The other knock (or feature, depending on your usage) on LEDs has been that they direct light. That makes them great for spotlights but not good for a desk lamp. And LEDs for everyday use are pricey and unlikely to be stocked in your neighborhood hardware store.

Choose energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lighting and save money by significantly reducing your energy costs as well as reducing your replacement and maintenance costs. LED lights will also save you precious time and dramatically reduce any downtime headaches that you may have experienced with incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent. At our website you will find a number of high-quality LED light fixtures that we think are some of the best on the market.