Get Awesome Tattoo Supplies According to Your Own Situations

10/05/2011 08:59


Basically, there are two types of people who do tattooing; one is called tattoo artists who regard tattoo practice as a kind of entertainment, and the other one is those who own a tattoo studio making money by giving tattoos on others’ bodies. Whatever type is, the same thing is they all need to get a whole set of awesome tattoo supplies. However, there exist slight differences between their equipment.

Every tattoo artist is required to get a tattoo kit of his own that provides all the needed tools for tattoo practice. To get well-equipped, what should be ready in a kit?

 At least one tattoo machine, or you can call them tattoo gun, should be prepared, but you’re suggested to get two or more machines, separately for lining and shading, which saves your effort to stop to reset the tattoo machine during the process. To run your machine, you need a power supply and a foot switch for hand-free power control.

There is a needle bar on the tattoo machine, holding the needles. To apply a tattoo, you need a variety of tattoo needles, as the functions of the needles vary according to their shapes. Lines are created with round needles and shading by flat ones. Only by choosing a suitable needle can you make an amazing design. The needles’ movement is done with the help of tattoo gun’s electric motor.

Before the needles enact their back and forth movement, they should be dipped into tattoo inks, which come in different colors and pigments. How to apply the colors is at your own choice. You can use any ink as long as the design looks vivid.

What’s more, some other tattoo accessories are needed, such as ink caps, disposable latex gloves and razors, antiseptic soap etc.

For tattoo studios, you should make some supplements.

The first thing is tattoo flash, which is better known as tattoo design samples. Customers can choose to have a tattoo same with the sample or just take the sample for reference to make a custom one.

Then, you should get a thermal copier so that the tattoo flash chosen by your customer can be changed onto the skin, enabling each customer get his ideal design exactly.

One more thing, a tattoo chair is a must. With this chair, your studio will look more professional and the customers will feel much more comfortable and relax during the process.

See? There are big differences in those tattoo supplies, so remember to get awesome tattoo supplies according to your own situations, or you may get into some unexpected troubles.



To do tattooing, you need tattoo supplies. But for tattoo artists and tattoo studios, the needed tattoo supplies are different, so you need to get them according to your own situations. Here are the needed tattoo supplies for them each.